The Spring/Summer limited edition vichy collection for Pippa Jenkings is fresh and retro in spirit. The collection was inspired by Brigitte Bardot and is a modern take on the French new wave scene in Saint Tropez in the 60s.

The collection was shot in a park at sunset with a group of friends. I wanted something with a vintage, innocent feeling as it reflects the spirit of the collection. I love what Chris did shooting straight into the sun which gives a washed out, warm quality to the pictures. The film edit by Bobo captures the moment in the style of a dated home video. The bikinis in the collection are each named after the friend who wore the bikini in the shoot plus our two lovely stylists.


Photographer: Christopher Jeney (

Film Director: Bon Young Gu

Models: Pricille Canivet, Ana Lee, Julie Pra√ęt, Flore Morel

Stylists: Cristina Bowling, Sophie West


The liberty collection for Pippa Jenkings plays with similarities and contrasts between different liberty fabrics always coupling two patterns in each reversible bikini. The collection remains the core of the brand with a strong focus placed upon these feminine and colourfully distinctive fabrics.

The fashion film ‘A Postcard from LA’ is the first in a travel series exploring distinct cities through the lens of the brand and 5 select addresses will accompany each film (see below). It was produced in collaboration with director Jamie Delaney and shot in Los Angeles during summer last year. The light in LA is really special and I love the way that Jamie has played with the parity and contrast between the light in the pool at night and the sun during the day to produce this graphic film capturing LA. It is also the first time that we have filmed the bikinis wet and are thus able to show how the light cotton fabrics transform into even more striking shades when wet.


- 101 Coffee Shop (6145 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood)…for breakfast in a retro diner

- Gjelinas (1429 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice Beach)…for lunch before the beach

- The Beverly Hills Hotel (9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills)…for a day by the pool

- Amoeba Records (6400 Sunset Boulevard)…for music

- Hollywood Forever (6000 Santa Monica Boulevard)…for the open air film screenings in summer


Director: Jamie Delaney

Producer: Philippa Jenkings

Style Director: Amanda Singletary

Actors: Caroline Barcomb, Lisa Ferkel and Daniel Kozul